Professional Oven Cleaning
across Auckland

You wouldn’t cook in this would you?



At Auckland Oven cleaning we not only turn up on time every time but we will clean your oven with a professional result that will wow you and your friends and family.

Dirty ovens are a nuisance. They are very unhygienic and unpleasant to be around due to the smell of the oven when the burnt on fat starts to smoke.
We take pride in cleaning your oven and we dispose of all our used cleaning products via a professional chemical waste disposal company and ensure that your oven is 100% clean and free of any residues upon completion of cleaning.



Cleaning your oven has some major down sides.

  • It takes a long time to clean an oven particularly if you are using the supermarket products that are corrosive and toxic and require eye and skin protection. The fumes these products put off are particularly harmful and can be corrosive to the lungs.
  • Another complaint we hear about is the products do not get into all the necessary areas so when you turn your oven on after the cleaning,the houses fills up with toxic smoke and fumes from the residual chemicals and the remaining residual burnt on fat and grease and oils inside the oven.
  • The products sold by cleaning companies and supermarkets and hardware stores used for oven cleaning are based on caustic. These products will potentially damage skin and permanently blind you if you are misfortunate enough to get the chemicals in your eyes. Don’t run the risk. Get the team at Oven Cleaning Company to do the job efficiently and quickly while you relax.
  • We will be in and out before you know it and you will be left with a
    beautiful looking oven that is spotless!



Our product and techniquesare environmentally friendly.
At Oven Cleaning Auckland we focus on using Eco friendly methods and products to clean your oven.

IT’S EASY TO CLAIM TO BE ECO-FRIENDLY. WE CAN PROVE IT. Auckland Oven Cleaning is a team of dedicated professional cleaners with the right equipment to get your oven cleaned. The oven is completely dismantled and all removeable parts are cleaned thoroughly in our special gentle oven cleaning solution.

The pieces are then hand inspected for additional grime, rinsed and dried before being reinstalled. the process takes about two hours to complete. We only use eco friendly products when cleaning your oven or any other part of your home; acutely aware of the effect that some harmful chemicals can have on our own health and well being and that of our most precious asset; our home.