Will you clean my oven when I am at work?

Yes we are happy to clean your oven when you are away. Our trusted team members are used to working in homes when the owners are away or at work. We will need to arrange a key for collection.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes our work is 100% guaranteed and our team of professional cleaners are trained in oven cleaning and the use of chemicals in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

How soon after cleaning can i use my oven?

You can use your oven straight away. Our products leave little or no residual chemical. May be a little smoke initially but this just a drying out process.

How often should i get my oven cleaned?

There is no straight answer to this. There are a number of factors like how often you use your oven? What you roast? i find pork roast hard to clean at times. Covered or uncovered meat? Best answer would be that an average well tended oven would want to be professionally clean about every 6/8 months to avoid carbon build up.