Maintaining your BBQ for the winter

Summer is over and now you need to store away your barbeque.

Here are a few handy tips to maintain your BBQ:

Tip 1.

Routinely wipe or brush any dirt off and prevent build up of food particles, fat and grease especially from the grill with brass brush or metal wool. If neglected it becomes increasingly hard to remove food particles over time and shortens the life of your BBQ.

Caution: Do not use abrasive cleaning materials i.e. wire brushes or steel wool on aluminium or non-stick surfaces

Tip 2.

Immerse grill and plates in soapy water and leave to soak.  Avoid caustic soda based products as these are hard to remove due the caustic bonding to the surface.  Remove residual soap by rinsing thoroughly with fresh water. Leave to dry before replacing the grills on the BBQ

Tip 3.

In charcoal BBQs remove used charcoal and ash.  Wash with dishwashing liquid and wipe with kitchen towels.  Give a second wash and wipe with clean cotton cloth

Tip 4.

Wipe all parts and/or allow drying properly before assembling the BBQ.  Once dry, spray the BBQ with vegetable oil to prevent any rusting, ensure the grill and/or hotplate are well coated

Tip 5.

For gas barbeques, remove any dirt particles or any other potential blockages from the gas openings.  Tape over the gas openings and wash the body of the BBQ. Again ensure you are not using abrasive materials on aluminium or other such material that may be easily marked or damaged

Tip 6.

Check around the gas tubes for spiders or other insects that may find a home here for the winter.  They will cause blockages to the gas line and make it hard get going in the new season.  Leave the tape on the opens while your storing your BBQ to ensure nothing gets in.  Just remember to remove the tape before you fire up again!!

Tip 7.

Replace lava rocks annually or soak thoroughly to remove any grease or grime.

Tip 8.

Finally cover you BBQ to protect from the elements and avoid discolouration.  Better still cover and store in your shed or garage

Proper maintenance means you can roll out your BBQ without stress or hassle when the weather starts to get fine again