Here is the reason the inside of your oven door gets dirty

A lot of ovens we clean have the same problem which is very frustrating for the owner. Grease and burnt fat gets inside the glass on the oven door, making it  impossible to clean and an eyesore.

This common problem is caused by a worn or old oven door seals. The seal shrinks and allows fat residues to pass inside the cavity and weld themselves onto the glass.

Here are some tips for preventing this.


 Tip No 1.

Ensure that your seal is replaced at regular intervals by a professional oven cleaning and maintenance company.

Tip No 2.

Do not use strong supermarket chemicals on your oven door seal, because the chemicals will oxidise the rubber and make it brittle.

Tip No 3.

Do not use very hot water on the oven door seal and this tends to make it shrink and allow fat residues to pass.

By doing the above mentioned your door seal will last longer and reduce your cleaning costs.

The other benefit is a clean smelling oven when in use. No more stinky oven smoke filling up the room.