Speedy Service

At Auckland Oven cleaning we not only turn up on time every time but we will clean your oven with a professional  result that will wow you and your friends and family.

Dirty ovens are a nuisance. they are very unhygienic and unpleasant to be around due to the smell of the oven when the burnt on fat starts to smoke.

One of our professional oven cleaners  will dismantle your oven and take the parts out to our special non toxic and environmentally friendly oven cleaner that contains no caustic or harmful chemicals for your valuable asset.

We wil clean all the parts in the van and then focus on the inside of your oven i.e the parts of the oven that cannot be removed. These areas are cleaned with our own oven cleaning product that works very well and is not a dangerous good. Our staff will take extreme care to clean the inside of the oven including the glass door and then check the oven door seals.